DSCR Investment/Rental Property Loans

No personal income is required to qualify.

20% min down payment, 640 min score. 

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) is a financial calculation used by lenders to evaluate the cash flow on a property. I offer DSCR loans in Nevada, as well as most other states. All of my past clients would consider me to be an excellent DSCR mortgage lender.

These are Institutional (bank) loans so they take about 30 days to close and an appraisal is required.

There are a few DSCR loan requirements but simply put I will qualify you based on the potential rental income of the investment property and NOT your personal income. This is for the purchase or refinance of RENTAL (investment) properties only. No owner occupied on this program.

A high DSCR score (>1.0) indicates that the property has sufficient cash flow to cover the payment, while a low DSCR score (<1.0) indicates that the rental income will not cover the payment.

DSCR is particularly important for business purpose loans and investor cash flow loans, where lenders prefer that the property generates enough cash flow to cover loan payments. DSCR loans are still possible on negative cash flow properties but the interest rate may be higher.

Mortgage loans with no personal income
required are becoming more common in the real estate industry. These loans are designed for investors who want to purchase a property for rental purposes, but don’t want to use their personal income to qualify for the loan. Instead, the lender uses the property’s cash flow to determine whether the borrower qualifies for the loan.

Whether you are looking for business purpose loans, investor cash flow loans, or mortgage loans with no personal income required, a high DSCR (>1.0) is preferred

DSCR mortgage rates are a bit higher than a “full doc” loan using personal income but if you don’t have enough personal income or don’t want to hassle with tax returns then a DSCR cash flow mortgage is a good option.

20% down with 640 score. Lower scores allowed with more down payment. Whether you need a DSCR loan in Nevada, California, or Colorado, I’m your man. If you need one in another state, shoot me a contact form and I’ll see if I can give you a referral.

Short-term (airbnb, vrbo style) rentals are allowed.

A few months of the payment as “reserves” is usually required to be in your bank or retirement at close of escrow. 

Interest Only is available, Cash out refis are also available, Closing in an LLC is OK.

Full Interior / Exterior appraisal required. Appraisal Transfers from other Lenders is allowed under certain circumstances.

Property Types: SFR / Condos / Townhouse / 2-8 Units / Non-Warrantable Condos / Condotels (25% down on Condotels)

Eligible Borrowers: U.S. citizens • Permanent resident aliens • Non-Permanent Resident Alien • Foreign Nationals

Housing History – A 12-month good pay housing history is required for borrowers primary residence, unless the primary residence is owned free and clear.

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