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I am Dan, THE Jumbo Loan Man based in Las Vegas
and loaning in Nevada, California, and Colorado.

I am a former Firefighter/Paramedic. Over the last 20-years, I have helped about 1000 families buy or refinance their homes. Jumbo Loans are strange animals with guidelines that are much different than regular loans, so you don’t want some rookie OR big bank Loan Officer screwing it up and you end up losing a house that you really wanted. Be assured that when I sign my name to a pre-approval, I have thoroughly reviewed your file.

(If you read through this entire page, you will have a good grasp of how Jumbo loans work)

Current Jumbo Products, No PMI:

Loans over $647,200 in Nevada and over $822,375 in other areas, such as Orange County, Alameda, Contra Costa, Los Angeles, Marin, are considered to be non-conforming, aka “Jumbo”.

*Minimum credit scores vary with suite of Jumbo investors BUT typically you need at least a 660 bare minimum middle score.

* Part of the down payment can be a gift with some Jumbo programs but borrower must have 5% of their own money.

* 3-20 months (depending on loan amount) of the new payment amount must be in one of your accounts at close of escrow. “Reserves” can be held in a bank, stock, or retirement account.

Assets for Reserves:

* You get credit for 100% of cash and cash equivalents, such as bank accounts
* You get credit for 70% of face value of for non-retirement asset accounts
* You get credit for 60% of retirement assets if Applicant is under 59.5, 70% if over

Non-Occupant Co-Borrowers may be allowed on Jumbos but must be immediate family members. They are not allowed on HELOCs.

DTI (debt to income) Ratio – Standard max is 43%. DTI’s greater than 43% and up to 50% may be considered with compensating factors, such as extra reserves, your new payment is no more than 10% higher than current payment/rent, 3 years or more with current employer, high credit scores. Think of compensating factors like “extra credit” in school.

Borrower Eligibility: Only U.S. Citizens and Permanent Resident Aliens

Property Flipping – A property flip occurs when the seller acquired the property within 180 days. This is case by case so ask me about this.

**** Bank Statement Loans are available with 10% down for those who write-off a bunch of stuff on their tax returns but have good cash flow.

**** Renovation loans and Foreign buyer/ITIN loans are available.

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