VA Home Loans

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Have You Served?

Do you have 90 days active duty during Wartime?
OR 181 or more days during peacetime?
OR 6 years in the Reserves?

  • You may qualify for a no-down payment VA guaranteed home loan! There are closing costs, however, those costs can be paid by the seller or by a lender credit.  Your out of pocket could be as little as $500.
  • No minimum credit score. No traditional credit history is required, meaning you don’t need to have a credit history on your credit report. We can use your good-pay history from auto insurance, utilities, rental history, cell phone, auto insurance, and more.
  • You must intend to live in the house as your primary residence.
  • You can buy a house for your spouse and/or dependent child to live in while you are deployed .

“I have been a Loan Officer for 17 years and always put my clients first. My goal is to get you a great interest rate and reduce your out of pocket. In many cases, I can get you into a house with less than $1000 out of pocket. I’m a retired Firefighter/Paramedic and my Dad served in WW2 – Dan Sherbondy

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VA Rate Reduction Refinance (IRRRL)

If your rate is 4.25% or higher, it probably makes sense to refinance. I will crunch the numbers and give you an honest assessment. Facebook just charged me $1.50 for you to click on my ad, so your business is extra important to me.  Please give me the opportunity to save you money. Text me your loan balance and your current rate and I’ll send you back some numbers to consider. Dan 702-721-7230

  • Lower payment
  • No Appraisal is needed
  • No cash out of pocket—and, I may even be able to get you up to $500 cash out at close.
  • Mortgage only credit check, meaning we only check to make sure you have not recently been 30-days late on your mortgage payment. Other credit doesen’t matter
  • No minimum credit score

VA Rate Reduction Request

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FYI- IRRRL stands for Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan. You may see it referred to as a “Streamline” or a “VA to VA.”


Apply Securely Now! Contact Me Today!